Cocochi designs office is not only in architecture designs, as well as interior coordination,japanese tea marketing and activetion of japanese tea in osaka/Senba,also the revitalization of Tottori city.





Company branding using Picture-story show

Our attempt to make much of roof gardens. We held a picture-story show for neighbor children, and also publish a free paper to feature that project in order to make a good company image of a company which has ownership of the building.



Chinese character for ”Japanese tea” is “茶”. Since “茶” is consisted of two “十”, (meaning 10) and “八十八(88)”, and those numbers add up to 108, when you turn to 108 years old, this is the traditional thing to cerebrate with Japanese tea. We invent this tea product with hope that people live longer with happiness.




Ancient capital breathing

We name a room deodorizer with aroma fragrance “Coto Cocue”.
One of Japanese cider “KItayamasugi”, which grow in Kyoto prefecture, have been used traditionally as alcove pillars in houses. When we do this we have to peel their bark off trees, and for this deodorize, we use this peeled barks as ingredients.
This naming Cotococue is consisted of Coto (meaning ancient capital and in Japan this is Kyoto) and Toco(“Tocobashira” means isalcove pillars). Also we Cocue is breathing.





Gift set to provide happy time

This tea set is sent to possible clients who ask the company to give them information materials. Clients will get our message from this gift and this message is that company can provide you not only property itself but also relaxing time, which will definitely come along with property.