Take a break real matcha of Kyoto


Destiny with tea

“Is there a small wind power generator in the tea field, it is really ecological?” On the top of the mountain, once we arrived at Dosebo Plateau, there has Defrosting fans are lined up in the tea field that i misunderstood there was a wind power generator.

There is the Minamiyamashiro main village of Uji tea, at the southeastern of Kyoto Prefecture.it takes about 70minutes from JR Kyoto station or Osaka Tennoji Station,transfer Diesel train on the way,through the train window,such a wonderful traveling programs.

In the north of the village,the client who wants to utilise the forests in Tousennbo Plateau. i visited for the first time at April 2006.

My main business is city planning and architecture designs,but after i inspected the tea field,i fell inlove with the scenery. the new born greens with the Defrosting fan in April. it was all fresh scenery to me because i usually living in Osaka. what attractive to me is not the taste of the tea, it is the scenery of the tea field. 

In love with the charm of the land,i rushed in main business, and visied the village office .they talked about tea, village,various things to me kindly. i was really touched by the feeling of it .when The village revitalization team didnt established, i got invited to be one of the observer in the May of the following month.

It has been five years, i am enjoying the tea world while helping the themed activities.

While helped the farm work,i heard a lot of stories about tea trees.it is made me understood the reason why the different taste of tea.there is particular in each tea,”it is exactly show the character on the tea leaves” said the farmers. 

It is new tea season. new tea are display at every single direct sales shop. In a nice weather,how about come visit the tea field?


Cocochi’s good way to enjoy good tea.

Enjoying tea with wonderful people and wonderful music is cocochi style.

No matter Japanese tea,Chinese tea or black tea are all healthy tea. so how about put it into your heart and body and enjoy the luxury time?

Let me introduce 4 kinds of Japanese Uji tea


Cover the sprout for over 20days and become soft,green dense buds. then dry it while steaming the sprout.it is the finest tea with abundant aroma and great taste,also u can eat the tea leaves.


After steaming the sprouts,use needles rubbing it during dry it. it has refresing flavor and astringent taste. it is the most popular tea in Japan.


The sprouts is growing in the covering tea room without direct sunlight. and dry it in the stove,use mortar to make it powder.


Hojicha is made by Sencha after roasting. it has savory fragrance and a very refreshing taste.