Marugame Udon in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

You might not know that what is Marugame Udon. It is very famous Japanese fast food restaurant which specialized Udon noodle. I have visited COCOCHICAM Phnom Penh office. A coworker and I went to lunch together. The location of Marugame Udon is a little bit far from the office, but every coworker who work in Phnom Penh they come to office by a motorcycle. So I did sit a back seat.

The restaurant I arrived and, I am surprised because exterior and interior look so similar to Japanese one A system for serving a food is same as well. First, you order food then if you want to have Tempura or another side dishes, just take by yourself. After all you pay money for the food you order. Finally you can sit a table and eat. This process is Japanese Udon fast food system. I think that it is unusual in Cambodia.

The coworker ordered a Kamaage Udon, & Tempura, a drink which cost around 3 USD. I ordered a spicy pork Udon and Onigiri ( rice ball) which cost around 4 USD. A price of the food is very reasonable compared to other Japanese restaurant in Cambodia. I can say a taste of food is same quality as Japan. Especially I like was Onigiri it was made very fresh, so I recommended.

If you miss Japanese food, why don’t you go there.

Marugame Udon in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!1

Marugame Udon in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!2