Recommend hotel in Phnom Penh — High Sky Hotel —

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High Sky Hotel is one of hotels that I want to recommend in Phnom Penh. 

It’s located a bit far from the center of city, so you have to go north further after you get across the Cambodia-Japanese friendship bridge(Chroy Changvar bridge). 

So I’d rather recommend this for only those who own the motorbike or car. This is hotel managed by local team and cannot say the service or design is outstanding, however, you’ve got a reason to stay this hotel and this is because they have one of the greatest view in the city!

Also the price is cheap enough to stay for just relax on your weekend. All rooms here are river view type and you can look out the river through this big wall glass, nothing will block the view.
Mekong river is more of brownish than transparent blue, but it’s still big lively river with plentiful fish. Just watching it waving slowly with some small boat onto it would put you in slow time.

Staying inside a room all day won’t be just a waste here. 

At night you can see the illumination on the opposite side of city and it’s definitely beautiful. If you come into this country just by picturing as poverty or nothing flourish, you’d be surprised how we were wrong about this. This country has more than we had imagined, and one of this is this night view of Phnom Penh. Price for one night ranges from about 45USD to 65USD, and the better room you pay for, the wider view’s room they’ll get you in. They use stone type of tile for floor and it was still shining when I visited.

For breakfast you cannot expect much but they have nice “quiteu”(the noodle made from rice). They also have a pool on 2nd floor and I guess most of the time it is empty so you can just use the space as much as you want. But depth is enough and children’s foot can not reach the bottom so they must not come alone. Pool is available for walk-in guest as well just by 5USD with shower access and they can serve various cocktail at 2.50USD.

Please enjoy your weekends there !