I got safely flight on Bayon air!

In Cambodia “Cambodia Angkor Airline” has been in operation for years as a sole domestic airline company. But now we have other options to choose when we want to fly cheap. Now it’s easier and cheaper for us to take domestic trip!


This time I tried Bayon air to fly from REP to PP. this is my 2nd time and I was a bit nervous when I found that their plane MA60 is a purchase from China but have a tragic history of in total eight times accident. 

Of course their body had been checked through by professional engineers before operation and the government gave the permit to use them so I don’t think this is not a big element to be worried. Ratio of getting accident is much higher when you’re on foot than in the sky! 


After actually getting in a plane, we found the size is really small I feel this is like just a bus. I remember when I got first flight by this aircraft 1 year ago it was shaking so hard some women were letting out screams! But this time it was more quiet and shaking was just normal amount. So I feel relaxed once the plane go higher and settle on wind.

 Time schedule of flight from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap is different depend on the date, but mostly they seems have flights at evening from REP to PP, and morning from PP to REP. They change schedule a lot so need to check in advance.

Their problem is that they sometimes cancel the flight without any notice when their seats weren’t sold enough to get benefit and we found about cancellation first time when we actually came to check-in counter. They don’t give you even apology because this is more common in Cambodia so it’ll end up wasting time even you try to have them pay back.