New Japanese hotel opened in Cambodia.Called Azumaya hotel.

azumaya hotel

Even though I live in Cambodia, I can see more and more Japanese people recently. There seem to be many people who come to business trips or study tour. I feel like that now we have AEON and Toyoko Inn so even those who are not used to overseas, it is becoming easy to travel or live.

In such circumstances, we also found a further Japanese-owned hotel called Azumaya Hotel. I hear that there got an outdoor bath (in Japanese “Roten buro”), and I was excited because I so miss the bath of Japanese style. So I was very much looking forward to their opening, but after their opening I found that an open-air bath is only for men! Although it was quite disappointing for me, I got a chance to stay at this hotel because there still seemed to have enjoyable things.

And the good points are here.

1.Japanese food is served in the morning!

Yakult and Yogurt are all you can eat, and also you can get a natto as much as you want. Even at Japanese restaurants, there was almost no place to be able to eat typical Japanese breakfast, which comes with miso soup, pickles and grilled fish. so I was very happy.

2.Fairly wide

It is just 40 dollars at regular price and we can say it’s cheap, but the room is wide enough. Bed is big, I think that we still have space to be left even if we open suitcase and keep on floor. Of course the bathtub is attached.

3.TV has Japanese channels

Because I can not watch Japanese programs, I am used to it as usual, but it is funny after all when I watch it sometimes. Although I cannot keep up with a trend of Japan anymore,sometimes the curiosity is stimulated considerably when watching Japanese TV.

4.The staff is friendly

As expected, it seems that staff are well received Japanese training, so they can communicate in Japanese can communicate well. Somewhat they really bent over to show their respect to visitors, I feel like there now really have a hospitality heart of Japanese. The Cambodian staff smile friendly and try to support us in any way so we feel very welcomed. I am thankful that they are trying their best to keep Japanese visitor feel good by speaking same language and adopting same manner. 

5.Good location

It is just across the road from Phnom Penh Tower. As for me, to be next to lotteria is even better point.There is also a delicious Korean bakery in the opposite neighbor. While watching Japanese TV watching the lotteria and eating in the room. Is happy!