Cocochi works in Japan

KEN CLINIC(カンボジア・プノンペン2015)


Cafe & bar restaurant which located along Orchard Road where is attracting many people. Customer enjoy this place for coffee at daytime and also for alcohol at night time in this luxury atmosphere.

 COCOCHIWORK    Shop design and branding

KEN CLINIC IN PHNOM PENH (Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2015)

First project in Cambodia to move a Japanese-owned clinic to new location in Boeung Keng Kong. We renovate a villa into the clinic, and new clinic is warmly decorated with Japanese paper illumination of the wall in waiting room.

CAR SHOP(Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014)

Car cleaning service and auto supply shop in Aeon mall, which is the first full-scale shopping mall in Phnom Penh. Getting enough amount of customers by offering high quality service in the country where you see many luxury cars driving.

 COCOCHIWORK    Shop design and branding

CURRY SHOP(Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014)

Curry shop located in food court area in Aeon mall Phnom Penh. They localize a style of curry to fit the country they are in. Concept is “Traveling Japanese curry”.

 COCOCHIWORK    Shop design and branding


Office design of Japan-based apparel shop located in Phnom Penh tower, which is the symbol of the city.

GRILLED DISH RESTAURANT (Siem Reap, Cambodia 2015)

Restaurant of fancy grilled dishes targeted at foreign tourist in Siem Reap, which is the city with World heritage Angkor Wat.

 COCOCHIWORK   Shop design and branding

SEAFOOD RESTAURANT (Zhangjiagan, China 2011)

Giant seafood restaurant in a new shopping mall in Zhangiiagan, where you take 4 hours trip from Shanghai city. Zhangiiagan is famous for shipbuilding and as a cottage area. This restaurant is consists of 4 floors: 1st floor is entrance, 2nd floor is public tables, 3rd floor is private rooms and 4th floor is for VIP.

Cocochi works in Japan

SPACE OF WINDOW, WATER FLOW AND CHAIRS (Itami city, Hyougo, Japan 2012)

Designed show room for reform Company. Concept is “Scenery near the window” and we design this to let you imagine the scenery of enjoying yourself “near the window”. You are looking trees through the window, thinking about your loving person and drinking a cup of tea with some books on your favorite char. These scenes are what we would like you to imagine when you visit this showroom.

CAFE &LIFESTYLE SHOP 「Bano Bano」(Izumi city, Osaka, Japan 2012)

Unique fusion of cafe space and lifestyle shop. Cafe place had been rebuilt from  a warehouse and we curved Mt.Fuji’s picture to make you feel at “Sento” (meaning public bath in Japanese, Mt.Fuji is often curved on the wall in public bath from the past), Owner’s attempt to let you find the beauty of the city by using nicely cooked local foodstuffs is successful. Shop name “Bano Bano” came from Spanish ward “Bano”, which means bath. Also in Japanese “Ba(場)” refer to a place where people get together.

OTHERS: Hirano ku internal medicine department (Osaka, Japan) etc.